RCR began in 1983 in Ceriano Laghetto specializing in plastic injections moulding. During the 90’s they started producing large extruded, especially for electroplating industry. In particular they began to produce parts for plating barrels, such as Polypropylene gears up to 800 mm , but also boxes for cassette tapes and stereo 7, supermarket racks and technical items, for the medical industry too.

RCR kept increasing the production and in the early 2000’s they specialized in the injection of pump components, thanks to the close cooperation with GemmeCotti and other local manufacturers.

In 2010 they began the production of mechanical industry parts in Polycarbonate, Polyester and different types of Polyamide.

In 2017 GemmeCotti started the negotiation for the acquisition of RCR company and it was finalized the following year. The resulting new company Gemme Plast was founded. The production site moved from Ceriano Laghetto to Cesate and the productive capacity implemented with the purchase of additional machines. So Gemme Plast combine the RCR 35-years’ experience and the latest generation technology, with the aim of meeting the needs of a growing number of customers.