Our mould construction department makes the mould tools in order to realize products in accordance to the customers’ ideas and specifications. We manufacture moulds which have a lifetime guarantee and can also have undercuts to obtain parts which are normally very difficult to make through injection moulding.

Our workshop boasts the latest generation of CNC 5-axis machining centers, and numerical control machines.
The injection mould tools are made with advanced equipment and by a highly trained and specialized staff in order to get an high-level accuracy in the working of the steel. Thanks to our 5-axis machine we can work on complex internal geometries guaranteed by high –performance tools.

The productive process is entirely CAD/CAM software controlled and coordinated with a view to Industry 4.0.
Gemme Plast’s moulds are guaranteed for life and in our mould construnction workshop we can provide any kind of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance in a fashion time, including adjustments to the moulds.

If you already have a mould which is not of our production, in Gemme Plast we will keep it in good working order and guarantee the best injection moulding results.