Starting from the customer’s idea, and following in-depth technical discussion, we design the item as it has to be made after the injection process.

When requested, it’s possible to make a prototype in order to check the final product before realizing the mould. Our priority is to engineer every single item in line with both the future use and the production, making sure not to ignore the external appearance and the final packaging.


With our FEM software we can carry out structural and computational analysis for each product. Every single details is assessed with our Technical Department, to ensure the best quality and long-lasting performance.


The Mould design is the first and probably the most important step of the productive process. Together with the customer we select the most suitable materials for the mould based on the requested production and the necessary surface finishing.

We pay great attention to each design: the integration of technical competences make it possible to manufacture items in short times keeping competitive prices.

Our technicians are ready to support customers step by step in this phase, and thanks to modern 3D CAD – CAM software, they will be able to find the best way to meet customer’s needs, maximizing the efficiency in this crucial stage.

The interaction of various competences and know-how allows the design and production of components in a short time and at competitive costs. We strongly believe that the best results are achieved by creating a close synergy between the different individuals involved in the process: the customer, the designer and the moulder.